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Shaft Rotation Top towards or Top away

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Vertical Takeup ( Winder )

Application :For Tension controlled winding of wire on vertically mounted bobbin in synchronization with enameling or coating line. For Bi-conicalbobbinwe offer the machine with automatically variable traverse stroke with PLC.

Take up is offered to suit Wire diameter, Material, Diameter range of Bobbin to be loaded and Maximum Line speed.

Bobbin size :PT 25 to PT 190 & Din 400 Bobbin Weight : 250 Kg (Maximum ).

Bobbin Loading : Shaft type with pintle. Bobbin is loaded vertically on the bobbin shaft with Drive plate ,pintle on bottom side and pintle and lock nut on top side. For unloading bobbin shaft is removed easily with handle. Pintle supplied will suit Bobbin bore.

TraverseAssembly : Vertical traverse assembly with Suitable model of traverse unit is provided. Bobbin speed is synchronized with traverse speed. Winding pitch and stroke length are very finely adjustable. Guide pulley assembly mounted on carrier with linear bearing and guide shaft is provided.

Drive : AC Geared Motor with variable frequency drive is provided. Motor will be operated in torque model.

Control panel : Control panel with Siemens or ABB make AC drive and accessories is supplied.

Tension control : Tension and speed is very finely adjusted with potentiometer.


Torque motor is offered instead of AC motor.

Drive : Torque motor with Dimmer stat. Winding tension and speed is very finely adjusted by varying the voltage with Dimmer stat.

Drive Transmission : Timer Belt or Chain drive.

Optional Accessory

Capstan Assembly : Capstan of suitable diameter with AC geared motor provided for pulling the wire from enameling or coating line.