Payoff Stand

Application : Tension controlled unwinding of wire from a bobbin.

We offer Driven type Pay-off stand or Non-driven type Pay-off stand.

Driven type : AC motor with variable frequency drive is provided. Un-winding speed and tension is controlled with a dancer assembly.

Non driven type : Tension in the wire is controlled with disc brake and precision air pressure regulator.

Bobbin Dimensions : To suit customer requirement

Maximum Flange Diameter: 1000 mm

Maximum Weight : 1200 Kg

Bobbin holding : Pintle type between Head stock and Tail stock or cantilever shaft type.

Head Stock housing : Head stock shaft with pintle and dive pulleys are assembled on Sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings

Tail stock (Pneumatically operated) : Tail stock assembled on a sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings. Tail stock is operated by 2 Air cylinders and a solenoid valve operate tail stock.

Tail stock hand operated: Tail stock movement is screw operated with handle

Cantilever shaft type : Bobbin is loaded on the shaft with drive plate and pintle on one side and pintle and locknut on cantilever side

Machine Construction : Fabricated robust construction with Head stock, Tail Stock and Motor mounted on a common frame.

Lubrication : Oil / Grease

Brake : Pneumatic Disc brake or an Electromagnetic brake

Loading/Unloading : Motorized With AC Geared motor / By Ramp.

Dancer Assembly : Horizontal or Vertical dancer assembly can be supplied

Control Panel : Control Panel with ABB or Siemens make AC variable frequency drive and accessories are offered.

Safety Guard : Provided

Sliding cover : on the front side(Optional)

Payoff Stand

Payoff Stand

Payoff Stand

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