Swift type Pay-off

Swift type Pay-off

Application : For tension-controlled unwinding of steel wire coil.
Material : MS/HC/HTGS Wire
Wire diameter : Up to 6 mm
Coil Dimension : We can offer machine to suit customer Requirements
Coil Outside diameter : 1000mm Maximum
Coil inside diameter : 420mm to 650mm maximum
Maximum Coil height : 500 mm
Maximum Coil Weight : 500 kg

Coil Loading : Coil is laded from top side and held tightly and concentrically on adjustable segments. Coil is loaded on to a turn table with adjustable segments mounted vertically. Diameter of segments can be adjusted with handle provided on top side. The entire segment will expand or contract simultaneously to hold the coil concentrically. The diameter of segments is finely adjustable between 420mm to 650mm.

Alternatively : Coil Loaded on taper mounted rods mounted on to a base plate. Eight number rods are mounted on hinges on the top side and positioned with holes provided on the base plate. Position of rods can be shifted along the base plate to load different inside diameter coil.

Brake : Disc brake

Tension Control : Disc brake with Air precision air pressure regulator is provided

Horizontal Pay-off is offered for GI Strips with adjustable segments to hold the coil tightly