Rewinding machine for CO2 wire

Application : Tension controlled Rewinding of CO 2wire
Bobbin Dimensions :
Flange diameter :
Barrel diameter : 200mm
Width : 100mm
Bore diameter : 50mm
Winding speed : 300 Meters / minute. Variable speed
Wire size : 0.8mm 2mm
Bobbin loading : Pintle type between Head stock and Tail stock
Head Stock : Head stock shaft with pintle and dive pulleys are assembled on a sturdy housing with bearings.

Tail stock : Pneumatically operated or Screw type

Traverse Assembly : With Rollring Traverse unit. Traverse pitch and Stroke length can be adjusted very finely. Wire guide assembly is mounted on a carrier with linear bearing and two number guide shaft.

Length counter : Electronic.

Drive : By 2 HP A C Motor. Variable frequency drive is provided for speed variation

Control Panel : Control panel with AC variable frequency drive is offered for speed control

Optional Accessory :
Killing Roller Assembly :
Consists of 2 set of 4+ 3 rollers mounted vertically and horizontally with locking system. Rollers are adjustable individually.

Rewinding machinefor CO2 wire

Rewinding machinefor CO2 wire

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