Semi-Automatic Bobbin Traversing

Application : Bobbin is traversed with Rollring traverse unit and material to be wound is guided from a stationary guide roller stand.

Used Tension controlled layer winding of any material.
Rollring traverse assembly is provided for traversing the bobbin along with gear box and associated assembly, motor etc.

Bobbin Dimensions : To suit customer requirements
Maximum Flange diameter : 1000mm
Maximum Weight : 750Kg
We can also supply the machine with inbuilt collapsible bobbin

Bobbin loading : Pintle type between a head stock and tail stock or cantilever shaft type.
Bobbin Loading : We can also offer Shaft Type loading of bobbin on pintles.
Brake : Dynamic braking with AC drive and DBR
Drive : By an AC Motor with a reduction gear box
Drive Transmission : Timer belt Machine Construction : The machine will be of sturdy design and robust construction. The Platform carrying the head stock, tail stock housing, traverse assembly, drive motor etc. will be traversing on a guide carrier with linear bearing and rail.

Traverse : By Rollring Traverse unit. Traverse unit is stationary and the shaft along with mounting brackets will be traversing. The pitch and stroke length can be finely adjusted.

Tensioning Roller stand : Material to be wound will be guided to bobbin from stationary tensioning roller stand with adjustable guide rollers

Length Counter : Electronic

Control Panel : Control panel with Siemens / ABB make AC drive and accessories is provided.

Safety Guards : Provided

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