Heavy duty Rewinding Line

Application : For tension controlled rewinding of cable, conductors or ropes. We offer rewinding line to suit customer requirements

Bobbin Dimensions : As per Customer requirement

Maximum Flange Diameter : 2500mm
Maximum Filled Weight : 10,000 Kg
Rewinding line consists of Pay off, Take up, Traverse assembly and control panel.

Bobbin Loading : On Pintles. Pintle shaft assembly mounted on two number vertical column. The column movement is motorized and movable in X-axis on column bed and the pintle housing moveson Y-axis on the column. AC geared motor with torque limiter is provided for column and Pintle movement. Pintle shaft is assembled on a sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings. Pintle to suit bobbin bore are supplied.

Loading/Unloading : Bobbin can be easily loaded or unloaded from floor level. Drum lifting and lowering as well pintle movement is motorized

Payoff Tension Control : Disc brake. Air pressure regulator provided for controlling the tension.

Pay off Brake : Disc brake
Take up Drive : By AC motor with variable frequency drive. Encoder provided to maintain line speed.

Traverse Assembly : With Rollring Traverse unit. Traverse Pitch and Traverse length is finely adjustable. Guide assembly is mounted on a carriage with linear bearings and guide shaft /rail
Traverse Drive : By AC geared motor
Traverse assembly with Ball Screw and Servo motor can also be offered. Ball screw assembly with servomotor, servo drive, HMI, PLC , Encoder etc. areprovided for layer winding. Traverse pitch is very accurately controlled. Winding sequence can be programmed in the HMI.
Length Counter : Electronic
Brake : Disc brake