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Coiler for Aluminium Rod

Application : Tension controlled winding Aluminium alloy Rod to coil in synchronisation with extruder press. Coiler will be suitable for rod of diameter up to 15 mmon adjustable former. At the end of coiling, it will be safe to handle the product without loosening of coil. Pressure roller is provided to hold the rod before cutting.

We offer the coiler to suit customer requirements

Machine Construction : Coiler consists Tension controlled winder with adjustable former, Traverse assembly, Motor with reduction gear box, Control panel with AC variable frequency drive etc.

Machine will be of fabricated construction of robust design with adjustable former, Traverse assembly, motor and reduction gear box, operating desk etc. assembled on heavy duty gear box.

Number of Take up per line : 4
Centre height : 1250 mm
Max diameter of Rod : 15 mm
Material : Aluminium or Aluminium Alloy.
Tensile Strength : 25Kg / Cm2 ( Maximum ) and 5 Kg/Cm2 ( Minimum)
Weight of Coil : 35 Kg
Coil Inside dia : 450 mm
Coil Outside dia : 750 mm ( Maximum )
Coil Length : 450 mm ( Maximum )
Line Speed : 40 Meters per minute.

Former : Coil is wound on an adjustable former diameter of which can be very finely adjustable with handle. Add on segments can be provided to increase the diameter range. Former is assembled on coiler shaft cantilever type mounted on the gear box. Former will be sturdy design and consist of four number MS segment. Flange with four number slots is mounted on the Shaft.

Traverse Assembly : With suitable model of Rollring Traverse unit. Winding pitch and Coil Length can be very finely adjusted for uniform winding. Traverse speed is synchronised with coiler speed.

Guide roller assembly : Mounted on a carrier with four number linear bearing andtwo number guide shaft .Guide roller assembly consists of Tensioning roller assembly with two number horizontal roller, top roller adjustable with handle and Two set of Vertical rollers and two set of horizontal grooved roller.

Drive : With suitable AC Motor and reduction gear box. The Motor will be operated in Torque mode for automatic speed synchronisation.

Drive Transmission : V Belt / Chain Drive.

Tension and Speed Control : The winding tension and speed is very finely adjusted with potentiometer on the operating desk for compact winding. Line speed is controlled by Press speed and speed reference is taken from press PLC.

Size variation before and after coiling will be within 0.1mm in the product while coiling from starting to end. Coiling will be perfectly synchronized with Press Ram speed & product speed in all the four coilers installed in the line. Winding will be uniform in all four coilers.

Control Panel : Control panel with ABB, Siemens or any reputed make AC Variable frequency drive, MCCB with lotto, Panel Cooler, Control transformer, MCB and accessorieswill be supplied. Each coiler is provided with independent AC VFD and controls.

Operating desk : With push button and Potentiometer mounted on each coiler.