Rewinding Machine

Application : For tension controlled winding of any material.

We offer custom machines to suit our customer requirements.

Machine Construction : Fabricated construction of robust design with head-stock, tail-stock, traverse assembly, drive motor, operating desk etc.mounted on a common frame.

Bobbin Dimensions: As per customer requirements

Bobbin filled Weight : As per customer requirements

Line speed : As per customer requirements

Bobbin loading : Pintle type between head-stock and tail-stock or Cantilever shaft type.

Head Stock : Head stock shaft with pintle and dive pulleys are assembled on a sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings.

Tail stock : Tail Stock shaft with pintle is assembled on a sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings.

Tail stock movement : Pneumatically operated with two number air cylinder or Screw type with handle.

Loading / Unloading : We offer machines with motorized bobbin loading and unloading arrangement with AC Geared motor.

Alternatively : Loading and unloading with Ramp.

Traverse Assembly : By Rollring Traverse unit.Traverse Pitch and length can be adjusted very finely. Traverse speed is automatically synchronized with bobbin speed. Suitable guide assembly is provided.

Lubrication : Oil splash lubrication or Grease lubrication

Brake : Disc brake/ Electromagnetic brake

Drive : With suitable AC Motor 3 phase 415 volts, 50 HZ.

Speed and Tension Control : AC motor operated in speed control modewith encoder to ensure constant tension throughout the winding. Suitable model of AC variable frequency drive is provided with all accessories.

Dancer Assembly : Horizontal and vertical type dancer assembly available. Offered with 3+2 pulleys or 5+4 pulleys. Bottom side pulleysare mounted on a carrier with linear bearings and a guide shaft. Air cylinder and an air pressure regulator is provided for tension control. Linear potentiometer provided for feed back and integrated with AC variable frequency drive

Killing Roller assembly : Killing Roller Assembly consist of 2sets of grooved rollers mounted vertically and horizontally in 4+3 or 5+4 configuration are offered. Rollers will be suitable to wire dia. Quick lock / unlock system is provided. Rollers can be adjusted individually

Control Panel : Control Panel with reputed make AC variable frequency drive along with accessories are supplied.

Length Counter : Electronic.

Safety Guards and Covers : Provided

Sliding door on front side : Optional

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