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Multi Head Takeup (winder) for FRP Wire Thermal line

Application : Tension controlled take up for FRP wire comprising of multiple independent Tension controlled winders with individual motor and traverse assembly.

We offer Take up to suit customer requirement of Diameter range and weight of Bobbin to be loaded, Wire size, Line Speed and number of winding heads.

Machine Construction : The bobbins are mounted in line, one behind the other with shafts mounted on a fabricated frame support comprising of individual Motor with Tension and Speed control, Traverse assembly and Electronic Counter for each winding head. The structure will have proper grouting arrangement. The bobbin will be held with drive plate and pin on one side and Tapered Pintle ,Lock nut with handle on the other side. Hinged door or cover will be provided. Lighting will be provided inside machine frame.

Double decker Take up : We offer double decker take up for bobbin flange diameter up to 800 mm with bobbinmounted in two rows one above the other. Each Take up is provided with individual Motor, Traverse assembly, Tension and Speed control System and Electronic Counter.

Maximum Number of winder per Line ,for diameter of bobbin up to 400 mm : 40 in two row
Maximum Number of winder per Line, fordiameter of bobbin up to 600 mm : 30 in two rows
Maximum Number of winder per Line , for diameter bobbin up to 800 mm : 25 in two rows
Maximum Number of winder per Line , for diameter of bobbin up to 1200mm : 15 in single row

Bobbin loading : Shaft type with tapered pintle. Bobbin locking by nut with handle. Square thread on the shaft enable easy loading and unloading.

Bobbin Dimension

Maximum Flange dia : 1200 mm Maximum Weight : 1000 Kg ( Maximum ) Maximum Wire diameter : 6mm Minimum Wire diameter : 0.4 mm Maximum Winding Speed : 15 meters / minute

Drive : With Suitable Torque motor and Reduction gear box.

Tension and Speed Control : With three phase enclosed type dimmer stat suitably mounted on machine frame near to each bobbin. Take up speed is automatically synchronized and the tension will be uniform throughout the winding.


AC geared Motor With variable frequency drive. Motor will be operated in Torque mode with AC Variable Frequency Drive. AC drive is mounted inside the machine frame with forced air Cooling.

Tension and Speed Control : With suitable model of AC variable frequency drive. Tension adjusted with potentiometer.

Drive Transmission. Chain Drive.

Traverse Assembly : With suitable model of Rollring Traverse unit. Pitch and Stroke length can be adjusted very finely to suit Wire size and Bobbin width.Traverse speed synchronized with bobbin speed. Ceramic Wire Guide pulley is provided.

Wire Guide Arrangement : Guide pulleys and guide rollers will be provided to ensure free passage of wire to different bobbin.

Length counter : Electronic.