Vertical Transformer Coil winding machine

Application : For manufacture of large transformer coils with Vertical winding.

Construction : Machine will be of robust design and heavy fabricated construction.

Machine consists of adjustable Mandrel mounted vertically on a rotating platform assembled with heavy duty bearings on a heavy-duty gear box Mandrel is supported with pneumatically operated pintle mounted on a swivelling arm on top side.

Tensioning stand is mounted on a platform which can be traversed vertically. Operators will be on the platform. The movement of platform is with four number geared motors.

Bobbin stands with required number of bobbins is mounted on a platform which can be traverse vertically. Diameter of mandrel is adjustable with handle on topside.

Maximum Mandrel Speed : 15 RPM (Variable speed)
Maximum Conductor Size : 120 (Maximum)
Number of Conductors :

Coil Dimension
Maximum Coil Height : 2500mm
Maximum Coil Weight : 5000Kg
Maximum Coil Diameter : 1600 mm

Mandrel Assembly : Expandable mandrel with adjustable wooden segments is provided. Diameter adjusted with handle on top side. Add on wooden segments supplied to increase the diameter range. Mandrel is mounted Vertically on the face plate and supported on top side with pneumatically operated pintle assembly. Swivelling arm with Pintle assembly can be swivelled manually for unloading the coil.

Expansion Range : 650 to 1250mm
Length of wooden Segment : 3000mm
Number of Segment : 16

Gear Box : Gear box of fabricated construction with heavy duty bearings and vertical output shaft provided for mounting the face plate.The mandrel assembly is mounted on the face plate

Lubrication : Oil lubrication
Drive : AC Motor with Reduction Gear box
Speed control : With AC variable frequency drive
Foot Switch : Separate foot switches are provided for Forward and Reverse rotation

Face plate : Diameter 1800 mm. Mandrel assembly is mounted on the face plate and will be heavy design and construction to support the weight of coil. Mandrel segments are supported on face plate with bearings and suitable guides are provided for the movement of the segments during adjustment of diameter. Slots are provided on the face plate.

Brake : Disc brake
De Coiler (Bobbin Stand)
Bobbin stands suitable for loading multiple bobbins mounted on a platform which can be traversed vertically is supplied. The platform will be supported on 4 sides with suitable guides and lifted or lowered with 4geared motors. Number of bobbins : 6 or loading six number bobbins with conductor
Maximum Lifting height : 3000mm
Capacity : 1500Kg

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