Heavy Duty Take up Stand

Application : Tension controlled winding of Cable or Rope on a steel or wooden drum in line with an Extruder or a Stranding machine. Can take weight up to 10,000 KG. Line speed and tension will be maintained constant throughout the winding.

We can supply take up stand to suit your required Diameter range and Weight of Bobbin to be loaded, Maximum diameter of material to be wound and the Maximum Line Speed.

Machine construction : Take up stand will be fabricated construction of robust design. Take-up stand consists of 2 sets of columns with pintle assembly assembled on a common frame. Pintle assembly is movable on the columns and the columnsare movable individually or simultaneously. Traverse assembly is mounted on a separate stand.

Bobbin Dimension:
Flange diameter Range : 630mm to 2500mm
Maximum Filled Weight : 10,000 Kg

Drum Loading : On Pintle assembly between 2 vertical Columns. The columns are movable in X-axis and Pintle assembly movable in Y-axis. Movements are are motorized for easy loading and unloading of the Drum. AC geared motor with torque limiter is provided for column and Pintle movement. Pintle shaft is assembled on a sturdy housing with heavy duty bearing. Pintle will suit bobbin bore diameter.

Loading / unloading : Drum can be loaded from floor level. Drum lifting and lowering as well pintle movement is motorized.

Drive : By AC geared motor mounted on pintle assembly. AC variable frequency drive provided for operating the motor in torque control mode.

Tension and Speed control : Tension and Speed can be finely adjusted with potentiometer. Bobbin speed will be synchronized with Stranding machine or extruder line speed.

Traverse Assembly : With suitable model of Rollring Traverse unit. Pitch and stroke length are finely adjustable. Guide Roller assembly mounted on a carrier with Linear bearing and guide shaft or LM block with Rail.
Traverse Drive : Drive to traverse assembly provided with AC geared motor and Variable frequency drive. Traverse speed synchronized with bobbin speed

Traverse assembly with ball screw and servo motor :
Traverse assembly with ball screw, Servo motor with Servo drive, HMI, PLC can be supplied.

Brake : Disc brake