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Shaft Rotation Top towards or Top away

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Traverse Assembly

Traverse assembly consists of Traverse unit, Shaft, Side end brackets, Steady rail, Reversal end limit adjustments and a Guide assembly.

Load carrier with linear bearing and guide shaft is recommended for application traversing heavy loads, excessive winding tension and when there is overhang of guides.

Offered to suit maximum stroke length and linear speed required. Shaft of any length up to 4000 mm can be offered. The stroke length is precision controlled with adjustable end limits.

Minimum stroke : Equals to diameter of the shaft.
Guide assembly can be mounted on the traverse unit.
Load Carrier : Load carrier with linear bearing reduces load applied on the traverse unit.
Traverse unit are used to traverse very heavy bobbin or fixture using Load carrier with linear bearing

ball screw traverse
traverse system

Shaft : Shaft with high surface hardness , surface finish and straightness are required for operation of traverse unit. Linear motion shaft used with linear bearings are ideally suited.
Tolerance g6
Depth of effective hardness: In the range of 1 to 2.8mm
Material: C45
Hardness : Hrc 58-62
Heat treatment : High frequency induction hardening
Corrosion protection : Hard chrome plating
Length : Can supply any length up to 4000 mm.

Shaft Length : Minimum length of shaft between two support bracket = Maximum stroke length + L1 . L1 is related to length of traverse unit and is given below.

Traverse Unit Model HT1 HT2 4RR15 HT3 & HT22 4RR20 & 4RR22 HT3N 4RR30 HT4 & 4RR40 HT5 & 4RR50 HT6 & 4RR60 HT8 & 4RR80
L1mm 100 120 140 160 190 210 240 275 325 420 500

ball screw traverse

traverse assembly

traverse assembly

Required length of extension is provided on left side or right side of traverse assembly for providing the drive.

Guide Rail : Prevents the rotation of traverse unit on the shaft. Width and thickness to suit traverse unit dimension. Guide Bearingof traverse unit should move freely on the rail.

Mounting of Guide Assembly : Four tapped holes are provided on top side of traverse unit. Please ensure the length of bolt used does not exceed the length specified to prevent damage.

Reversal End Limits : Threaded shaft with nut or plain shaft with adjustable stopperare provided for varying the stroke length.

Load Carrier

Load carrier with linear bearing reduce load directly applied to traverse unit. Heavy loads can be traversed with load carrier using smaller capacity traverse unit. Load carrier is required in applications to traverse Heavy Guide assembly, High Tension , Twisting force, Overhang guide pulley and for any application requiring very sturdy operation. Please find below details and types of load carrier.

1. Bearing mounted

A plate with four number radial roller bearing ,mounted on the traverse unit supported on a rail with even surface. The Guide assembly can be suitably mounted on this plate and are suitable for normal applications.

traverse assembly

traverse assembly

traverse assembly

traverse assembly

2. Load carrier with Linear bearing and guide shaft.

Load carrier with four number Linear bearing supported on two guide shaft mounted suitably is coupled to traverse unit. The load to be traversed or Guide rollers or Pulley is mounted on the load carrier. Suitable for traversing moderate load.

traverse assembly

ball screw traverse

3. Load carrier with LM block and Rail

Load carrier with four number LM Blocks supported on two rails mounted on a sturdy plate is suitably is coupled to traverse unit. The load to be traversed is mounted on the load carrier. suitable for traversing Heavy load.

ball screw traverse

Vertical Traverse Assembly

Application : Traverse assembly for vertical take up or Winder. Traverse unit can be operated on shaft mounted vertically. Counter weight equivalent to weight of traverse unit and guides to traversed improves efficiency. Load carrier with Linear bearing and two guide shaft are provided for mounting wire guide pulley. Can be offered with suitable model of traverse unit to suit maximum traverse stroke length, wire size and speed.

ball screw traverse

ball screw traverse

ball screw traverse



Lubrication of shaft : Apply only a very thin film of oil . Clean the shaft and spread the oil as thinly as possible. We recommed cleaning the shaft every shift in very dusty environment to prevent accumulation of dust on the shaft causing wear out of rolling rings and shaft.

Lubricate the reversal mechanism, particularly the springs with high viscosity machine oil SAE 90 or equivalent.

Frequency: Weekly . When the operating conditions
When the opening conditions are severe like extremely dusty corrosive environment or for high temperatures, shorter lubrication intervals is recommended.

Loss of Side Thrust

Traverse units are factory set for side thrust as per specifications. If there is any deterioration in thrust after a long period of operation due to wear out this can be compensated by adjusting the thrust screw provided. A large slotted screw is provided on the unit bottom side (side of Reversal mechanism)can be slowly tightened for adjustment. Should not be over tightened which will cause failure of operation of reversal mechanism. . The Rolling Rings can be replaced in case of excessive wear out.

Pitch change. Please press the pointer down and change the pitch to prevent damage to the teeth on the dial.

ball screw traverse

Traverse assembly with Motorized end limit control

Small motor is provided to vary reversal end limit position.

Application : For winding on bi-conical bobbin, application with preset end limit requirement and for any application where end limit position need to be controlled remotely.

ball screw traverse


Bellow type covers are Provided on the shaft to prevent accumulation of dust to ensure trouble free operation in dusty environment.

ball screw traverse

Ball Screw Traverse Assembly

We offer Ball screw assembly to traverse any type of load and to suit the traverse Maximum stroke, Speed with suitable load carriers for vertical and horizontal applications.

Traverse assembly with ball screw is supplied with precision rolled ball screw with nut, Load carrier with linear bearing and shaft or with LM block and rail, AC Motor Or Servo Motor, Variable frequency drive or Servo drive, Control Panel with PLC and accessories.

Linear speed is precisely controlled with potentiometer or HMI. Proximity switches are provided for end limit control.

PLC in combination with AC variable frequency drive enables to program various winding sequence and winding patterns to suit your application . Reversal slow down at ends, different linear speed for left side and right side movement, Different preset stroke length. HMI, Servo drive and PLC are provided for very precise and critical winding.

ball screw traverse