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Traverse Units

Optional accessories for Traverse unit

1. Free Movement Lever (disengaging lever)
Free Movement Lever (disengaging lever ) Provided for disengaging traverse unit from the shaft and positioning.
Not provided for traverse unit model HT1 Two designs are available.
Type. FM 1
Provided on the bottom side of the unit . By operating the lever ,traverse Unit will get disengaged .Re engaged by turning back the lever.

Type .FM II
Provided on top side of the traverse unit. Disengaged by turning and holding the lever. Re engaged on releasing the lever.

2. Remote Control Of Traverse Pitch:
Traverse pitch varied remotely by push buttons using a small motor.

3. Pitch Setting By Set Screws:
Different Linear Speed can be set for forward and reverse direction.

4. Pneumatically operated Reversal mechanism :
Reversal actuated by air cylinder mounted on the traverse unit using solenoid valve and proximity switches.