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Shaft Rotation Top towards or Top away

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Winder for Poly Propylene Strap

Application : Tension controlled layer winding of PP strap coil in line with extruder.

Machine construction : Machine will be of fabricated construction with cantilever mounted shaft for loading the core. Aluminium housing suitable for loading 3, 4, 8 inch inside diameter card board core is supplied.

Strap Size : 6 mm, 9mm, 12, 15 and19 mm and thickness up to 0.8 mm Material : Poly Propylene Coil outside dia : 550mm ( Maximum ) Card board Core : Machine will be suitable for loading 3inch, 4inch and 8 inch inside dia card board core Maximum Coil width : 190 mm

Core loading : The core is loaded on a Cantilever shaft with aluminium flange on drive side and Aluminium flange and lock nut on the other side.

Winding Speed : As per requirement

Traverse Assembly : With Rollring Traverse unit model 4RR20 with 20 mm dia shaft. Coil width and pitch can be very finely adjusted to suit width of strap and coil width. Finger assembly is provided to guide the strap. Finger of width 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15 mm and 19 mm will be supplied. Finger assembly is suitably mounted on guide carrier with linear bearing on a swiveling arm.

Drive : With AC Motor and variable frequency drive Or alternatively with Torque motor and dimmer stat.

Tension and speed Control : Winder speed will be synchronized with extruder speed and tension will be maintained uniform. Winder speed will get reduced automatically when coil diameter increase during winding maintaining line speed and winding tension constant. Tension is adjusted with potentiometer for AC Motor and with dimmer stat in case of Torque motor.

Control panel : Control Panel with AC variable frequency drive is supplied. Starter is provided