Winder for Poly Propylene Strap

Application : Tension controlled layer winding of PP strap coil in line with extruder.

Machine construction : Machine will be of fabricated construction with cantilever mounted shaft for loading the core. Aluminium housing suitable for loading 3,4,8 inch inside diameter card board core is supplied.

Strap Size : width 6mm to 19mm and thickness 0.8mm
Material : Poly Propylene
Maximum Coil outside diameter : 550mm

Card board Core : Machine will be suitable for loading 3inch, 4inch and 8 inch inside diameter card board core.

Maximum Coil width : 190mm

Core loading : The core is loaded on a Cantilever shaft with aluminium flange on drive side and Aluminium flange and lock nut on the other side.

Winding Speed : As required.

Traverse Assembly : With Rollring Traverse unit. Coil width and traverse pitch can be very finely adjusted. Suitable guide assembly is provided for guiding the strap. Guide assembly is suitably mounted on a swivelling arm.

Drive : With AC Motor with variable frequency drive or Torque motor with dimmer stat.

Tension and speed Control : Winder speed will be synchronized with extruder speed and tension will be maintained uniform throughout the winding. Tension can be adjusted with potentiometer / Dimmer stat

Control Panel : Control panel with AC variable frequency drive is supplied. Starter is provided

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