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Shaft Rotation Top towards or Top away

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Traverse unit

Traverse units are used in any application requiring linear reciprocating motion with automatic and instantaneous reversal with constant speed unidirectional rotation of the shaft. Finely variable linear speed by flick of a lever on the unit and precision controlled stroke length are added advantages. Traverse unit operates on a plain hardened, and hard chromium plated and ground finish LM shaft. Shafts are avilable up to 4000 mm length of the shelf.

Rollring traverse unit performs similar to ball screw with added advantages:-

  • Constant speed rotation of shaft in the same direction
  • Automatic and instantaneous reversal
  • Smooth variation of linear speed by flick of a lever
  • Precision controlled stroke length
  • Very low torque requirement
  • Separate motor and electrical controls not required
  • Automatic speed synchronisation with bobbin speed
  • Absolute minimum maintenance
  • Zero back lash
  • Suitable for speed range of very low to rated speed
  • Value for money

Seventeen models in three and four Rolling-Ring configuration is available
Shaft diameter range : 10 mm to 80 mm
Side Thrust (Force) : 5kg to 300 Kg
Heavy load exceeding the capacity of traverse unit can be traversed using Load carrier with linear bearing.

Traverse units are used to traverse materials of any shape and dimension. From fibre optic wires to heavy gauge cables, Wire rope, Wires, Flat, Strip, Strap, Hose, Filament, Tape, Foil with materials ranging from Steel, Aluminium, Copper, Rubber, Plastic, and Fibre.