Takeup Stand

Application : For compact tension controlled winding of Aluminium rod or flat on bobbins in synchronisation with the extruder press. Take up will be suitable for rod diameter 8mm to 26mm and flat width 10mm to 30mm. At the end of coiling, it will be safe to handle the product without loosening of coil. Pressure roller is provided to hold the rod/flat before cutting.

Machine construction : Coiler will be fabricated construction of heavy design with reel frame, bobbin Shaft, drive arm, traverse assembly, drive motor with gear box, motorised loading and unloading etc., mounted on a common base frame.

We offer custom coilers to suit customer requirements – Diameter range and weight of bobbin, Rod diameter,Flat size and Speed.

Bobbin Dimension
Maximum Flange diameter : 1500
Maximum Weight : 1500 Kg
Maximum Width : 1400mm
Bore : 100mm

Material : Aluminium, Aluminium alloy
Rod Diameter : 8mm to 26mm
Flat width : 10mm to 30mm
Maximum Weight : 1500 Kg
Line speed : 25 Meters/Minute

Bobbin Loading : Shaft type with drive arm and a pintle. Bobbin is loaded on the shaft and locked in position before loading on to the machine.

Loading and Unloading : Motorized with AC geared motor and a torque limiter clutch. Proximity switches provided at end limits.

Drive : with suitable A C Motor and Reduction gear box. AC variable frequency drive provided for tension control.
Drive Transmission : Chain drive.
Drive arm on reel shaft will be provided with backlash free operation to prevent loose winding.

Speed and Tension control : AC Variable frequency drive provided for automatic speed synchronization with the press speed. Bobbin speed will get reduced automatically during diameter build up. Winding tension can be very finely adjusted with potentiometer.

Brake : Disc brake or Electromagnetic brake. Additionally dynamic braking with DBR.

Traverse Assembly : With Rollring Traverse unit model 4RR60 suitable for 60 mm dia shaft. Pitch and traverse stroke length can be very finely adjusted. Traverse speed is synchronised with bobbin speed.Guide roller assemblywith two sets of vertical and horizontal rollers is provided. Tensioning roller assembly with adjustable guide roller on top with handle is provided to hold the loose end of rod after cutting. Guide assembly mounted on a carrier with 4 linear bearings, LM 40 and two 40 mm dia guide shaft and the guide carrier will be very sturdy. Electromagnetic clutch is provided in the traverse shaft drive todisengage the drive and position guide roller assembly suitably for any corrections during winding by rotating the shaft freely with handle.

Control panel : Control panel with ABB, Siemens or reputed make AC Variable frequency drive and accessories will be supplied

Operating Desk : Provided
Safety Guard: Provided

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