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Shaft Rotation Top towards or Top away

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Payoff Stand / Unwinder. Driven or Non Driven Type

Application : Tension controlled unwinding of wire from Bobbin.

We can supply Driven type Pay off stand orNon-driven type Pay off stand suitable to Diameter range and weight of bobbin to be loaded, wire diameter and speed.

Driven type : AC motor with variable frequency drive is provided. Un winding speed and tension is controlled by dancer assembly.

Non driven type : Tension in the wire is controlled with disc brake and air pressure regulator.

Bobbin Dimension:

Maximum Flange dia : 1000 mm Maximum Weight : 1200 Kg

Bobbin loading : Pintle type between Head stock and Tail stock OrCantilever shaft type.

Head Stock : Head stock shaft with pintle and dive pulleys are assembled on Sturdy gear box with heavy duty bearing.

Tail stock (Pneumatically operated) : Tail stock assembled on a sturdy gear box with heavy duty bearings. Tail stock is operated by 2 No Air cylinder and solenoid valve. Push buttons are provided for operating the cylinder. Flow control valve is provided for adjusting the linear speed of the cylinder. Non return valve is provided on each cylinder for safety. All pneumatic components will be of Festo make.

Tail stock (Manually operated) : Shaft with pintle is assembled on a pedestal with heavy duty bearings and operated with handle.

Machine Construction : Fabricated robust construction with Head stock gear box, Tail Stock gear box, and Motor mounted on a common Farme.

Lubrication : Oil / Grease

Brake : Disc brake pneumatically operated Or Electromagnetic brake

Loading / Unloading of Bobbin : Motorized With AC Geared motor. Loading Platform is mounted on a carrier with six number Linear bearing and two number hardened and hard chrome plated Guide shaft. Loading platform will be at the floor level to facilitate easy loading or unloading.

Driven Type Unwinder

Drive : With suitable AC motor Tension and Speed Control : With AC variable frequency Drive and Dancer assembly. Linear potentiometer in the dancer assembly controls the unwinding speed and tension.

Dancer Assembly : Horizontal or Vertical dancer assembly can be supplied.
Number of Pulleys : 5 ( 3+2 ) or 9 (5+4).
Bottom sidepulley is mounted on a carrier with linear bearings and controlled with air cylinder and air pressure regulator.

Control Panel : Control Panel with ABB or Siemens make AC variable frequency drive and accessories are supplied.

Safety Guard : Safety guard provided for all drives.
Sliding cover on the front side (Optional).