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Shaft Rotation Top towards or Top away

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Cross Over ( HV ) Coil Winding Machine

Application : Tension controlled Layer winding of HV coils

Conductor Size : 0.6 mm to 3.5 mm
Coil diameter : 330 mm (Maximum)
Coil width : 175 mm (Maximum)
Coil weight : 15 Kg (Maximum)

Coil holding : Shaft type. Two number slotted flange supplied. Locking by nut with handle.

Brake : Disc brake. Dynamic braking with DBR is also provided. Brake will be always holding. The Winder and unwinder stops in synchronization.

Foot Switch : Machine operated with Foot Switch. Selector switch provided for Reverse running.

Gear Box : Sturdy gear box with Coil shaft and traverse assembly suitably mounted with oil splash lubrication.

Shaft Speed : 300 RPM Maximum. Variable speed.

Speed Control : With Potentiometer

Drive : By 2 HpA C Motor. AC variable frequency drive for speed control.

Turns counter : Mechanical Or Electronic counter

Control panel : Control panel withAC variable frequency drive and accessories will be supplied.

Unwinder with Tensioning stand

Application : The Tensioning stand is provided for loading the bobbin with conductor and controlling the unwinding speed with reverence to winder speed.

Wire size : 0.6 mm to 3.5 mm.

Bobbin Loading : Shaft type with tapered pintle and drive plate. Locking by nut with handle

Bobbin Size : As per requirement

Wire Tensioning : Spring loaded Swiveling arm with guide pulleys suitably mounted is provided to control tension and unwinding speed. Brake Bandprovided on the brake drum of coil haft is actuated by swiveling arm.