Cross Over (HV) Coil Winding Machine

Application : Tension controlled Layer winding of HV coils.

Conductor Size : 0.6mm to 3.5mm
Maximum Coil diameter : 330mm
Maximum Coil width : 175mm
Maximum Coil weight : 15Kg
Coil holding : Shaft type. 2 number slotted flanges are supplied. Locking by nut with handle.

Brake : Disc brake. Dynamic braking with DBR also provided. Brake will be always holding. The Winder and unwinder stop in synchronization.

Foot Switch : Machine operated with a Foot Switch. Selector switch provided for Reverse running.

Gear Box : Sturdy gear box with Coil shaft and traverse assembly suitably mounted with oil splash lubrication.

Unloading of finished Coil : Coil removed easily with crane after opening tail stock.

Maximum Shaft Speed : 300 RPM(Variable speed)

Speed Control : Variable speed with Potentiometer

Drive : By a2 HPAC Motor. AC variable frequency drive for speed control.

Turns counter : Mechanical or an Electronic counter

Control panel : Control panel with AC variable frequency drive and accessories will be supplied.

Unwinder with tensioning stand

Application : The Tensioning stand is provided for loading the bobbin with conductor and controlling the unwinding speed with reverence to winder speed.

Wire size : 0.6mm to 3.5mm
Bobbin Loading : Shaft type with tapered pintle and drive plate. Locking by nut with handle.
Bobbin Size : As per requirement
Wire Tensioning : Spring loaded Swivelling arm with guide pulleys to control tension and unwinding speed.

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