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Shaft Rotation Top towards or Top away

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Core Assembly Table

Application : For stacking of transformer Core on a tableand tilting the by 900 for unloading the coil.

Machine Construction : Machine will be robust fabricated construction of heavy design.

We offer machine to suit customer requirements.

Capacity : 5000 Kg (Maximum)
Assembly table :
Dimension length : 2000mm. (Maximum)
Table width : 1000 mm (Maximum)

Table width : 1000 mm (Maximum) Centre plate can be lifted and lowered by hydraulic cylinderand side plateis movable with handle. The Handle of screw shaft for width adjusting will be on the tilting side. Stopper platewill have provision for adjustment as per step width of core.

Swivelling : Hydraulic cylinder provided for swivelling the table by 900 for unloading the assembled core to the floor.

Hydraulic power pack : Hydraulic power pack with pump, AC Motor, Direction control valve, Pilot operated check valve, steel tank, Steel Manifold, and High pressure hose will be supplied.

Control Panel : Control with contactors, MCB and accessories are supplied.