Automatic Bobbin Traversing Take up
for Layer winding

Application : Automatic tension controlled Layer winding of Copper or Aluminium flat conductor in bobbins. Bobbin is traversed and flat conductor is guided through a stationary tensioning stand. The linear movement is with a servo motor and a ball screw. The programing is done through HMI and PLC. We can offer Take up to suit your requirements

Machine Construction : Machine will be of fabricated construction of Very sturdy design.

The bobbin loaded between head stock and tailstock.
Head stock and tail stock housing, Drive motor, Reduction gear box, loading platform etc. With all accessories are mounted on a platform mounted on carrier with linear motion system with4 rails and 16runner blocks.
The platform with Bobbin and associated assemblies illbe traversing on a machined base frame and the strip will be guided to the bobbin from the stationary tensioning roller stand.
Servomotor with ball screw is provided for reciprocating movement of platform and winding sequence is programmed through HMI.

Bobbin Dimension
Maximum Flange dia : 1000mm
Maximum Weight : 800Kg
Material : Copper / Aluminium

Width : 3mm to 20mm
Maximum Thickness : 8mm
Maximum Line Speed : 300meters per minute
Bobbin Loading : Pintle type between head stock and tail stock. Pintle will be suitable to bobbin bore and will be made of alloy steel.
Head stock : Head stock housing will be of robust design and shaft is assembled on heavy-duty bearings with grease lubrication.

Tail Stock : Sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings are provided for tail stock shaft assembly. The tail stock is pneumatically operated with 2number Air cylinder. Solenoid valve, one Non return valve and a Flow control valve etc. are provided for operation of Cylinder and operation will be interlocked through HMI. All Pneumatic components will be of Festo Make.

Bobbin Loading and Unloading : Motorized with AC Geared motor. Loading Platform is mounted on a carrier with 6 Linear bearing LM60 and two number hardened and hard chrome plated Guide shaft.

Brake : Disc brake

Drive : With a suitable AC Motor and reduction gear box. AC motor will be operated in torque mode maintaining uniform line speed and tension.

Drive transmission : Timer Belt.

Traversing arrangement : The platform is traversed with a precision rollerball screw assembly with a Servo motor drive. The linear speed is synchronized with bobbin speed.
The traverse Pitch, Bobbin width, Bobbin speed, Strip width, Winding length, Preset length, Traverse direction, home position, Line speed etc. are programmed and displayed in the HMI.
Programs can be stored and recalled. Traverse reversal will be automatic. Home position will be defined. Pitch setting will be on the HMI as perconductor size. Speed synchronization be tween spooler, drive motor and servomotor aret hrough the HMI, the PLC and the encoder. Proximity switches is provided for reversal end limit control.

Drivetrans mission : Timer belt.

Tensioning stand : Suitable Stationary tensioning roller stand is provided for guiding the Strip.Strip guide assembly will be complete with vertical and horizontal rollers. Finger assembly with motorized movement in Y axis. Finger assembly is provided to take care of proper winding of strip, the finger position will be adjusted as the winding layer increases and the movement will be motorized and operated automatically.

Length Counter : Length can be pre-set and actual length is displayed in the HMI.

Control Panel : Control panel with Siemens make AC drive, Servo motor, Servo drive, PLC, HMI with all accessories are supplied. HMI will display status of winding progress. Tension and Speed control Potentiometer provided in the operating desk. PLC program backups provided.

Safety Guard and Covers : Machine is completely enclosed and with sliding door with safety interlocks on the front side.

Automatic Bobbin Traversing Take up forLayer winding

Automatic Bobbin Traversing Take up forLayer winding

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