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Shaft Rotation Top towards or Top away

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Spooler / Winder / Rewinder

Application : For tension controlled winding of wire or flat in synchronization with Wire drawing machine, Extruder, Coating Line or for Rewinding.

We offer machines to suit customer requirements

Machine Construction : Fabricated construction of robust design with Head stock, Tail Stock ,Traverse assembly ,Drive Motor, Gear box etc. mounted on a common frame.

Bobbin Dimension

Maximum Flange dia : 1200 mm
Maximum Weight : 1200 Kg
Maximum Line speed : 1000 meter per minute
Bobbin loading : Pintle type between Head stock and Tail stock OrCantilever shaft type.
Head Stock : Head stock shaft with pintle and dive pulleys are assembled on a sturdy gear box with heavy duty bearings.
Head Stock : Head stock shaft with pintle and dive pulleys are assembled on a sturdy gear box with heavy duty bearings.

Tail stock

Pneumatically operated : Tail stock shaft with pintle is assembled on a sliding housing with heavy duty bearings mounted on a sturdy gear box. Tail stock pintle movement is pneumatically operated with two number air cylinder, solenoid operated. Non return valve, flow control valve are provided in the air line. All pneumatic components will be Festo make.


Manually operated : Shaft with pintle is assembled on a pedestal with heavy duty bearings and operated manually with handle. Screw type with handle operates the tail stock pintle movement

Loading / Unloading of Bobbin : Motorized With AC Geared motor. Loading Platform is mounted on a carrier with six number Linear bearing and two number hardened and hard chrome plated Guide shaft.

Optional : Unloading Trolley with wheels. Air cylindercan be provided additionally for pushing the heavy bobbin out of head stock pintle.

Alternatively : Loading and unloading with adjustable Ramp.

Traverse Assembly : By suitable model of Rollring Traverse unit. Ceramic wire guide pulley is provided. Pitch and traverse length can be adjusted very finely. Traverse speed is automatically synchronized with Bobbin speed.

Suitable wire guide assembly provided with load carrier considering the wire diameter, material, tension and speed.

Lubrication : Oil / Grease Brake : Disc brake pneumatically operated Or Electromagnetic brake Drive : With suitable AC Motor and reduction gear box. AC variable frequency Drive provided for tension and speed control.

Tension and Speed Control : . AC motor operated in torque mode to ensure constant tension throughout the winding.
For Rewinder Encoder or dancer assembly providedfor maintaining the line speed constant.

TDancer Assembly( Optional ) : Dancer assembly can be provided for tension / speed control. Horizontal or Vertical type Dancer assembly can be supplied

Construction : Fabricated structure of sturdy design with five / nine pulleys. Two / four pulleysare mounted on a carrier with linear bearing and guide shaft.

Tension control : With Air cylinder and air pressure regulator.

Linear potentiometer : Provided for tension control.

Control Panel : Control Panel with ABB, Siemens or any reputed make AC variable frequency drive along with accessories are supplied.

Length Counter : Electronic.
Safety Guards and Covers : Safety covers provided for all drives.
Sliding dooron front side : Optional.

Killing Roller assembly for steel wire (Optional) : The Killing Roller Assembly consist of two Set of grooved rollers mounted vertically and horizontally in 4+3 or 5+4 configuration. Width of groove and dia meter of the roller will suit the wire diameter.

spooler machine
spooler machine
spooler machine
spooler machine