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Shaft Rotation Top towards or Top away

Top Towards    linear-drive  Top Away    traverse-system

Direction of Shaft rotation

Traverse units are normally supplied Top Towards for clockwise rotation of shaft unless specified.

Clockwise direction of shaft rotation

Anticlockwise direction of shaft rotation

Top away. Anti-Clock wise direction of shaft rotation. Reversal lever bearing pointing away from dial.

Instructions to modify Traverse unit from Clockwise direction to Anticlockwise direction of rotation of shaft and vice versa :

a) Remove Release lever by loosening the bolt
b) Remove Springs and Reversal Lever
c) Remove Striker Plate
d) Refit Striker Plate on opposite side
e) Reversal lever is refitted with 180° turn
f) Re assemble the Springs and Release lever and tighten the bolt. Ensure that lug of springs are not bend during refitting. Long lug of spring is inserted in Reversal lever and short lug in the Release lever
g) Operate Reversal lever manually and observe the knocking sound
Traverse unit is ready to operate in opposite direction of shaft rotation