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Shaft Rotation Top towards or Top away

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Coiling Mechine

Application : To Rewind steel wire from steel coil to small coil of 125 mm diameter X 50 mm width.

Machine construction : The machine will be of fabricated construction with single or dual winding heads. In case of dual winder the winder MI be mounted side by side for quick change over of the wire from first bobbin to second bobbin .

The Coiler consist of Collapsible bobbin assembled between head stock and tail stock. Traverse assembly Motor. Pay off for loading Coil and Control Panel

For Dual spooler same Motor and Traverse assembly operate for both winding head. Electromagnetic clutch is provided for disengaging the drive during unloading of coil.

Collapsible Bobbin : Coil is wound on collapsible bobbin. Barrel segments will collapse when the tail stock is pneumatically operated. Coil can be easily removed after tying by operating the tail stock by air cylinder . Slots are provided on the flanges for tying the cod manually.

Number of winding heads per line : Two

Collapsible spool Dimension:

Flange diameter: 125 mm

Width : 50 mm

Barrel diameter : We will supply collapsible bobbin with 50 mm diameter Round barrel or 45 mm Square barrel Winding speed : 100 Meters /Minute .( Maximum ). Variable speed.

Material : MS /HC Wire

Wire size : 0.7 mm to 2 mm

Coil Weight : 1.7 Kg

Traverse Assembly : By Rollring Traverse assembly with suitable model of traverse unit. Winding pitch can stroke length can be adjusted very finely. Bobbin speed and traverse speeds are synchronised . Wire guide assembly with 3+2 grooved rollers and guide pulley will be provided.

Drive : with suitable AC motor. AC variable frequency drive provided for speed control.

Drive Transmission : V Belt

Control Panel : Control panel with AC Variable frequency drive and accessories are suppled.