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Vertical / horizontal take Up For Bi-Conical Bobbins

Various models available.
Bobbin size: Flange dia 800 mm Max.
Bobbin Weight: 800 Kg Max
Bobbin holding: Shaft less between Pintle mounted on top and bottom. Top Pintle will be pneumatically operated and mounted on a swiveling arm for easy loading unloading of bobbin.
Traverse Assemb: Rollring Traverse. Traverse assembly will be suitable for bi-conical winding . Traverse assembly will be provided with motorized self adjusting end limit control with PLC for increasing the stroke length as required with each traverse stroke.
Drive: By AC Motor with Variable frequency drive or torque motor.
Electronic length counter provided.
Optional Accessories.
Capstan assembly.
Drive to capstan: By AC geared Motor and variable frequency drive
Brake: Electromagnetic brake.