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Spooling or Rewinding Machine With Traversing of Bobbin

The Bobbin will be traversing along with mounting assemblies ,drive motor .The wire / strip will be guided from a stationary guide assembly . Machine can also be supplied with inbuilt Collapsible bobbin for winding coils of Copper/ Soft annealed mild steel and Steel Strip . Coil can be unloaded by opening one side flange.
Bobbin Loading. Cantilever shaft type or between head stock and tail stock.
Max coil weight: 1000 Kg.
Machine construction: Machine is of fabricated construction. The bobbin , mounting assemblies, drive motor are assembled on a base frame , suitably mounted with LM Guide system consisting of rail and runner blocks .
Traverse: By Rollring Traverse unit of suitable model depending on max weight of coil or bobbin , Traverse pitch and stroke length are finely adjustable for layer winding. Traverse unit will be stationary and shaft will be traversing along with support brackets. Drive provided from bobbin drive shaft.
Machine also offered with Servo motor and ball screw provided for traversing the bobbin. Traverse pitch is controlled through HMI and PLC , maintaining a constant linear speed linked to the wire diameter or strip width and bobbin speed.
Guide assembly: Suitable tensioning stand provided for guiding and holding the strip / wire in tension. The guide assembly will be stationary.
Length counter: 5 digit Electronic length counter provided.
Drive: By AC motor with variable frequency Drive or Torque Motor.