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Semi-Automatic Layer Winding Machine For Round And Rectangular conductor

Various models available and offered against customer requirement of max Coil dia, Coil height, and max size of Wire and size of Rectangular conductor
Material: Enameled wire to 0.3 mm to 6 mm max and copper/ aluminum rectangular conductor up to 70 Sqmm max.
Max Coil height ( Winding Length): 1500 mm, Max winding dia: 1000mm
Shape of coil: Concentric circular
Coil Weight: 2000 Kg Max.
Distance between Centers: 1800 mm max,
Center height from ground: 1000 mm
Mandrel: We supply mandrel shaft or Expandable mandrel as per customer requirements of coil inside diameter range. The mandrel shaft or expandable mandrel is mounted on the machine face plate and supported with the tail stock .Expandable Mandrel Diameter of the mandrel manually adjustable by handle provided on the tail stock side. Eight number wooden segments provided and covers the min and max diameter . Wodden. Segments can be added to increase diameter range .Mandrel available suitable for a coil weight up to 2000 Kg Max. Multiple radial and axial supports provided on each segment .
Drive: By suitable AC Motor with Variable frequency drive.
Mandrel RPM: 400 RPM Max .Variable speed by potentiometer.
Optional. Three speed gear box provided for higher torque requirements at low speeds.
Machine operation. By Foot switch . Reverse running by selector switch.
Tail stock: Tail stock Pintle assembled on a swiveling frame for easy removal of coils. Screw type adjustment provided for Pintle movement.
Traverse Assembly: By Rollring Traverse. The pitch can be very finely adjusted. Reversal will be instantaneous and automatic and end limits can be very finely adjusted. Drive to traverse provided from mandrel drive shaft for automatic speed synchronization. Electromagnetic clutch provided for disengaging the drive to traverse for manual corrections. Guide Carriage is mounted on LM guide system with rail and runner block. Separate guide assembly provided for wire and strips. Carriage will be moving and supporting the wire / strip with its guide along the length of machine.
Guide assembly for wire provided with pneumatically braked pulleys, and pulley mounted on an adjustable rod to guide the wire close to mandrel. Tensioning roller assembly provided for rectangular conductor.
Brake: Pneumatic disc brake or Electro magnetic Brake.
Max power requirement: 10 KW
Compressed Air pressure: 6 to 7 Kg Cm2
Optional Accessories
1) Pay Off Stand For Wire
2) De reeler for Rectangular conductor
3) Full width insulation de-coiler (paper / DDP)
4) De reels for edge strips