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Traverse Units

Salient Features

  • Seventeen models are available with force (axial side thrust) ranging from 5 Kg To 280Kg for Shaft diameter ranging from 10 mm to 80 mm.
  • Proven System. Absolute Minimum Maintenance.
  • Very finely variable setting of linear speed (Pitch), Varied by flick of a lever on the dial.
  • Infinitely variable setting stroke Length, limited only by shaft length.
  • Automatic and Instantaneous Reversal.
  • Plain round shaft rotates at constant speed in same direction
  • Zero backslash.
  • Highly Efficient Transmission of Motion.
  • Used in Horizontal as well as Vertical mounting
  • Can be disengaged and positioned.
  • Very low Drive Torque requirement
  • Separate drive not required for winding application. Traverse shaft drive provided from spool / Mandrel drive shaft ensuring automatic speed synchronization.
  • Traverse assembly mountings and designs tailor made to customer requirements.
  • Two Years Guarantee.
  • Accessories available for various applications.
  • Can be serviced and spares available.