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Pay off for Bobbins

Machine offered Driven type with dancer controlled or Non Driven type with suitable tensioning arrangement.
Bobbin size: Flange dia up to 800 mm
Bobbin weight: 1000 Kg Max
Bobbin loading: Pintle type between head stock and tail stock OR Cantilever shaft type with Pintles and lock nut.
Tail Stock Pintle movement: Pneumatically operated with air cylinder and solenoid valve Or Screw type Head stock and Tail stock are assembled on a base plate at floor level to enable easy loading and unloading Wire guide assembly Provided.
Wire Tensioning: Several options available.
1) Non driven type: Automatic tension control by Pneumatic disc brake with proportional pressure regulator . The braking force automatically controlled by Proportional pressure regulator with reference to bobbin speed . Shaft end mounted pulsar disc with tachometer sensor measure the bobbin speed and vary the pressure applied to disc brake , maintaining constant tension throughout unwinding. Manual adjustments with disc brake and pressure regulator or shoe type Brake
2) Driven type: Suitable Ac motor is provided for driving the payoff depending tension/ speed controlled by Dancer assembly supplied with linear potentiometer and pneumatic dampening.
Drive: AC motor or Torque motor.
Brake: Disc brake operated by Solenoid valve is provided.
Bobbin loading / unloading: By adjustable ramp.