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Traverse Units

Ordering Information

Traverse Unit
1. Model
2. Shaft rotation Top towards or Top Away

Note: Traverse unit can be easily altered to suit required direction of rotation of the shaft at site.

3. Optional Accessories / Features
1. Free movement lever
Type 1 (Free movement lever provided on bottom side)
Type 2 (Free movement lever fitted on top side)
2. Remote control of Traverse pitch
3. Pitch setting by set screws
4. Reversal slow down
5. Pneumatic reversal

Traverse Assembly

1. Traverse Unit
2. Hardened and Ground Shaft
3. Side Brackets
4. Steady Rail
5. Wire Guide Roller Assembly / Wire Guide Pulley
6. Reversal end Limit Adjustments

I. Max Traverse stroke required or shaft length L required between two side end brackets.
II. Required length of shaft extension and Shaft Extension required on right side Ra or left side La
Ra- Extension beyond right hand bracket when looking at the pitch selection scale.
La- Extension beyond left hand bracket when looking at the itch selection scale.
III. Direction of shaft rotation while providing the drive (refer fig)
IV. Requirement of Load carrier
a) Bearing mounted
b) With linear bearings
c) With LM Guides
Note: Traverse assembly is normally offered with bearing mounted load carrier unless specified.
V. Requirement of wire guide pulley or / guide rollers.
VI. Optional Accessories / Accessories
a) Bellows
b) Tapered winding by self adjusting end stops for bi-conical and conical spools
c) Lead screw operated end stops
d) Built in speed reduction gear box