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Multi Head Take Up

We offer the machine with the required number of winding heads and suitable for your bobbin dimensions. Each bobbin is provided with by individual motor, Traverse assembly, tension / speed controls and electronic Counter.
Bobbin loadin: Shaft type with pintle. Bobbin locking by nut with handle. Square thread provided on the shaft for easy loading / unloading of the bobbin.
Machine construction: The bobbins are mounted in line, one behind the other on a fabricated frame support with individual motor and traverse assembly. Machines are also offered with bobbins mounted in multiple rows one above the other.
Max Weight of Bobbin with material: 1100 Kg
Winding Speed: As per requirement. Variable speed. Take up speed automatically synchronized with extruder speed and tension maintained uniform throughout the winding.
Traverse: Rollring traverse assembly. Traverse pitch, traverse stroke can be very finely adjusted to have compact winding. Individual Traverse assembly is provided for each spool.
Bobbin drive: By AC motor with Variable frequency Drive OR with Torque motor and dimmer stat.
Length counter: Electronic length counter will be provided.