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Spooling Machine

Various models are offered suitable to Bobbin Flange dia of range 100 mm and up to 1200 mm , Bobbin width 25 mm up to 1000 mm. Maximum spool weight with material 2000 Kg, barrel dia and bore sizes .
Spool holding : Pintle type between head stock and tail stock or Cantilever shaft type with Pintles and lock nut Tail Stock Pintle movement : Pneumatically operated with air cylinder and solenoid valve or Screw type or Hydraulically operated.
Traverse: Rollring traverse assembly Traverse pitch ,traverse stroke can be very finely adjusted for compact winding. Drive to traverse shaft provided from head stock to ensure automatic speed synchronization.
Machine Construction : Fabricated construction with Head stock, Tail Stock,Traverse assembly and Motor mounted on common bed.
Brake : Pneumatic Disc brake or Electromagnetic brake.
Drive: AC motor or Torque motor.
Tension Control: Automatic tension control provided with AC motor and variable frequency drive or with torque motor and dimmer stat.
Bobbin loading / unloading : By adjustable Ramp or with Hydraulic jack or Hydraulically operated loading platform.