Rewinding Line For FRP Wire

Rewinding Line For FRP Wire

Rewinding line with driven / non-driven pay off , dancer assembly and take up
Line speed up to 1000 meters per minute. Variable speed

Spool holding options : Pintle type between head stock and tail stock

Tail Stock pintle movement options :Pneumatically operated /Screw type with handle

Traversing system :Rollring traverse system. Traverse pitch and stroke can be finely adjusted for compact winding.
Drive to traverse shaft is from the head stock to ensure automatic speed synchronization.

Machine Construction : Fabricated construction with Head stock, Tail Stock Traverse assembly and Motor mounted on common bed

Brake :Pneumatic Disc brake ,Electromagnetic brake

Drive :AC motor with variable frequency drive

Automatic speed synchronization control provided with AC motor and variable frequency drive with winding soft ware

Bobbin loading /unloading :Motorized

Dancer Assembly ; Dancer assembly consists of 9 no ( 5+4 ) or 5 No (3+2) Pulleys. 4/ 2No pulleys are mounted on a carrier with 2 No linear motion bearing . Linear Potentiometer is provided . Air cylinder with pressure regulator provided to finely control the tension.

Four pulley stand. Provided for Printing head

be provided.

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