Vertical Coil Winding Machine

Machine Model : VTC 2500

Speed : 0 to 15 RPM variable speed

Max cross section of wound conductor : 120 Sq. mm

No of conductors : 8 No,

Winding tension : 15 Kg / Cm2,

Max torque : 300 Kg m

Coil Size.

Max Coil length : 2500 mm,

Max coil weight : 5000 Kg,

Max coil diameter : 1600 mm

Mandrel support : Mandrel is mounted on the Machine face plate. Face plateassembled with heavy duty bearings of suitable capacity to carry 5000 Kg load of the coil and the weight of mandrel. Turn table providedwith suitable slots.
The mandrelshaft supported on top side with pneumatically operated pintle. The Pintle is mounted on a swiveling arm for easy removal of Coil after winding.

Height of face plate from ground level : 1250 mm

Diameter face plate : 1800 mm

Drive : By suitable AC Motor with reduction gear box.

Forward and reverse push operationprovided. Machine operated by foot switch

Brake : Pneumatic disc brake.

Expandable Mandrel Dia : minimum: 650 mm – 1250 mm Max

Length of wooden segment : 3000 mm

Number of segments : 16

Diameter of mandrel adjustable by handle provided on topside

Adjustable Platform for the operator with Tensioning plateassembly with motorized vertical movement can be supplied


Bobbin holding : Separate de-coiler stand will be provided for loading each bobbin. Bobbin loading will bepintle type and bobbin can be loadedon head stock and tail stock pintles. Screw type adjustment will be provided for movement of the tail stock for loading the bobbin. Alternatively shaft type loading can be provided.
Conductor tensioning arrangement : suitable tensioning assembly will be provided for tensioning the conductor.

Loading Platform : The entire loading platform with 6 bobbins can be lifted / lowered vertically with suitable geared motor. The platform will be supported on 4 sides with suitable guides.

Total lifting height : 3000 mm, Max weight of 6 No bobbin : 1500 Kg
Suitable tensioning assembly will be provided for tensioning the conductor.

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