Layer Winding Machine

Layer Winding Machine
Layer Winding Machine

For Copper/aluminum conductor up to 70 Max 64 bobbins

Max winding length : 1500 mm
Max Coil dia : 1000 mm
Max Coil weight : 1500 Kg
Mandrel rotation speed : 0 to 60 rpm
Mandrel shaft : 50 mm dia shaft with lock nut and drive plate mounted on machine face plate for loading different size of winding former

Optional Features : 

Expandable Winding former (Mandrel) : The expandable mandrel is fitted on the machine face plate. Diameter of the mandrel will be adjustable. Suitable locking will be provided to lock the mandrel after adjustment. Multiple radial and axial supports are provided for supporting the wooden segments

Conductor Size : Paper covered Copper conductor - 4 X 12 mm, size up to to 70 sq mm

Reverse inching can be done

Head Stock - Equipped with face plate Driven by 10 HP AC Geared motor, Drive Transmission is by duplex chain,
Mandrel rotation is foot controlled VFD is provided for the AC Motor

Tail stock - Assembled on a sturdy frame with Screw type adjustment for movement of Pintles.

Guide Carriage-Guide Carriage : Guide Carriage is mounted on LM guide system with rail and runner block.  Carriage will be moving and supporting the conductor with tensioning roller assembly along the length of machine.

Traverse Assembly : Rollring Traverse Assembly.The pitch can be very finely adjusted. Reversal will be instantaneous and automatic and end limits can be very finely adjusted. Drive to traverse provided from mandrel drive shaft for automatic speed synchronization. Electromagnetic clutch provided for disengaging the drive to traverse for manual corrections

Control Panel - Supplied with AC variable frequency drive and accessories

Turns Counter - Mechanical / Electronic turns counter

De-realer for rectangular conductor. De-realer stand provided suitable for loading up to 64 bobbins

Bobbin loading : Shaft type, The bobbin stand mounted on trolley wheels movable with geared motor for length parallel to mandrel 

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