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H.V (Cross Over) Winding Machine

Conductor size : 0.6 mm to 3.5 mm Max

Maximum coil diameter : 330 mm.

Maximum coil width : 175 mm

Maximum coil weight : 15 Kg

Coil holding : Shaft type. Core locking by nut. Suitable square thread for easy locking. 2 Nos slotted flanges will be provided.

Brake : Pneumatically operated disc brake will be provided. Dynamic braking with brake resistor will be provided in the drive. During stopping machine will stop with dynamic braking and pneumatic braking will be applied after slowing down. Brake will be always holding type.

Foot switch : Provided

Coil shaft mounting : Coil shafts will be assembled on a sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings.

Max Coil shaft rpm : 300 RPM. Variable speed by potentiometer.

Drive : By 2 HP, 415 Volt, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM, AC Motor.An  AC Variable frequency drive for speed variation and Dynamic braking with brake resistor will be provided.

Turns counter : Mechanical / electronic counter
Machine operation by foot switch. Reverse running by selector switch

Control panel : Control panel with variable frequency drive and accessories will be supplied.


Max wire size : 3.5 mm Max , Minimum 0.6 mm

The tensioning stand is mounted on a shaft assembled on the base plate. Swiveling arm is spring loaded and pulleys are mounted suitably to adjust and control tension in the wire.

Bobbin stand :Bobbin stand is provided for loading the Pay off bobbin.

Bobbin loading : Cantilever shaft type. Tapered Pintles are provided. Bobbin locking by Nut.

Wire Tensioning : By Brake Band

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