Automatic Layer Winding Machine

Automatic  Layer Winding Machine
Automatic  Layer Winding Machine

We offer tailor made Automatic layer winding machine to suit your;

  • Maximum coil outside diameter
  • Coil inside diameter
  • Coil height 
  • Maximum size of Wire / Rectangular conductor

Material :

  • Copper / Aluminium
  • Enamelled wire from 0.3 mm to 6.0 mm 
  • Rectangular conductor up to 70

Maximum Coil Height (Coil Length) : 1500 mm

Maximum Outside Diameter  : 1000mm

Shape of coil : Concentric circular

Max Coil Weight : 2000 Kg 

Mandrel :

We provide two options for mandrel;

  1. Machine with shaft for loading the mandrel
  2. Expandable mandrel

   Expandable Mandrel Specifications:

  • Diameter of the mandrel is finely adjustable with 8 number of Segments.
  • Expansion range in each stage is 40 mm to 100 mm depending on the diameter 
  • Segments can be added to increase diameter range
  • Maximum coil weight 2000 Kg 

Drive : AC Motor with Variable Frequency Drive

Mandrel RPM : Up to 400 RPM Max., variable speed 

Machine is operated by a foot switch. Reverse running is also provided

Tail stock : Expandable Mandrel or mandrel shaft loaded between head stock face plate and tail Tail stock pintle. Tail stock is assembled on a swiveling frame for easy removal of coils. Screw type arrangement provided for Pintle movement

Guide Carriage : Guide Carriage is mounted on LM guide system with rail and runner block. Separate guide assembly is provided for wire and strips. Carriage will be moving and supporting the wire / strip with its guide along the length of machine.
Tensioning roller assembly with 6 no rollers is mounted on the guide carriage. Guide assembly for wire provided with pneumatically braked pulleys, and pulley mounted on an adjustable rod to guide the wire close to mandrel

Traverse Assembly : Traverse assembly operated with ball screw, Servo motor, Servo drive, HMI, PLC is provided for accurate control of winding

Guide carriage is suitably mounted on LM block and rail

Winding sequence according to the transformer design specifications can be programmed and recalled, through the HMI

Brake : Pneumatic disc brake
Control Panel : Control panel with AC variable frequency drive, Servodrive, PLC, and accessories are supplied. Operating desk with HMI is suitably mounted on the machine
Optional Accessories

  1. Un-winder for Wire with pneumatically controlled tensioning arm
  2. De realer for rectangular conductor. Bobbins mounted on motorized trolley
  3. Full width insulation de-coiler (paper / DDP)
  4. De reels for edge strips

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