Rewinding Line For Steel Strip

Machine consists of un winder and Take up

Strip size :8mm x 25 mm width , Thickness : 0.2 mm to 1.2 mm

Tensile strength : 380 MPA Max

Material : Soft Annealed mild steel, DD & EDD Grade.

Winding speed : 200 Meters /Min .Maximum .Variable speed


ID of COIL : 300 mm and 400 mm

Coil width : 500 mm

Max coil weight : 2000 Kg Max

Finished coil OD : 1250 mm

Coil holding : Expandable mandrel mounted on a heavy duty shaft with bearings on a sturdy gear box. . expandable mandrel with one set add on segments for loading the 300 mm and 400 mm ID coils

Traverse : By Rollring Traverse unit Strip guide assembly is mounted on a carrier with linear motion ball bearing Traverse pitch can be adjusted very finely on the Traverse unit. Reversal will be automatic and instantaneous. Automatic speed synchronization is provided between winding speed and to traverse movement .

Strip guide assembly . Will be complete with pressure pad, Tensioning roller assembly with top roller adjustable by handle. The finger arm can be lifted and lowered with hydraulic cylinder with hand lever pump.

Length counter : 5 digit Electronic length counter is provided . Counter displays the length in meters.

Bobbin drive : AC Motor with reduction gear box
Drive transmission is by V Belt

Control Panel : Provided

Brake : Disc brake operated by solenoid valve

UN Winder for coil. ( Vertical)

Input coil size Coil ID : 300 mm and 400 mm

Input coil size Coil OD : 1000 mm max

Tensioning : Disc brake with air pressure regulator provided for Tension control .

Brake : Pneumatic disc brake with solenoid valve.

Tensioning Stand.

Tensioning stand with vertical and horizontal rollers, pressure pad , Tensioning arm with rollers etc will be provided .

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