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Bobbin Traversing Take Up Semi Automatic

Machine construction : The bobbin loaded between head stock and tail stock. Gearbox,
drive motor , traverse assembly are mounted on a platform supported on LM blocks and rail
The whole machine with bobbin ,drive motor and associated assemblies will be traversing on the base frame. The linear movement of the platform is with Rollring Traverse system. The complete assembly is mounted on a base frame.

Linear speed and traverse Stroke length can be very finely controlled .

Bobbin holding : Pintle type, between Head stock and Tail stock

Head stock : Head stock is mounted on sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings
with grease lubrication. Drive from motor and reduction gear box is transmitted to
head stock shaft by Timer Belt

Tail stock : Tail stock shaft assembled on a sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings. Tail stock will be operated by 2 No Air cylinder, solenoid valve and Push buttons .

Traversing Mechanism  : By Rollring Traverse unit. Traverse unit will be stationary and shaft will be traversing.

Pitch adjustment : The traverse pitch can be adjusted on the dial of the Traverse unit as required.

Tensioning roller stand : Provided for guiding and tensioning.

Length counter : 5 digit Electronic length counter 

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