Winder For Poly Propylene Strap

Winder For Poly Propylene Strap
Winder For Poly Propylene Strap

Material : Polypropylene

Strap size : 6,9,12,15 and 19 mm and thickness up to 0.8 mm

Coil outside dia : 550 mm

Coil inside dia : 3inch, 4inch and 8 inch

Coil width : 165 mm to 190 mm

Housing made of aluminum provided for loading the paper core

Core loading : The core is loaded on a Cantilever shaft with flange on one side and lock nut with double start thread on the other side

Maximum Winding Speed : 110 meters / min

Traverse : By Rollring make Traverse Unit. Coil width and traverse pitch can be very finely adjusted.
Finger assembly with fingers suitable for strap width 6mm to 19 mm supplied

Drive : By 1HP Torque motor

Speed and tension control : Winding machine Speed will be automatically synchronized with extruder speed and tension maintained uniform through out he winding

Tension control: By dimmer stat

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