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Cross Over Winding Machine

Machine Model: HTW 300
Conductor size: 0.8 mm to 3.5 mm
Maximum coil diameter: 330 mm.
Maximum coil width: 175 mm
Shape of coil: Concentric circular,
Maximum coil weight: 15 Kg
Coil holding: Shaft type. Shaft mounted on heavy duty bearings. Core and flange locking by nut with handle.
Centre height: 1000 mm.
Drive: By 2 HP A C Motor with Variable frequency drive.
Traverse Assembly: Rollring Traverse unit . Traverse width and pitch can be very finely adjusted. . The wire guide rollers can be tilted to insert paper insulation at the ends and for tapings. Maximum shaft rpm : 300 RPM variable speed by Potentiometer
Brake: Disc brake / Electro magnetic .
Turns counter: Mechanical counter supplied.
Machine operation: By Foot switch . Reverse running by selector switch.
Optional Accessories: Pay off stand for wire