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Compact Coiler

Application: To rewind wire from required number of pay off on to a collapsible bobbin for making compact coil Properly strapped . Machine consists of pay off and Compact coiler.

Pay Off:

Bobbin size: Flange dia up to 1000 mm. Bobbin weight. 800 Kg Max.
Bobbin holding.
1) Pintle type between head stock and tail stock. Head stock and Tail stock of the machine are mounted on a base plate at floor level and bobbins can be loaded and unloaded easily. The tail stock movement operated by pneumatic cylinder . The tail stock moment regulated by flow control valve. Alternatively Screw type adjustment provided for movement of Pintle.
2) Cantilever shaft type with Pintles and lock nut
Wire guide :Suitable Guide roller assembly provided for guiding the wire from bobbin.
Wire Tensioning: Automatic tension control by Pneumatic disc brake with proportional pressure regulator or mechanical tensioning arrangement
Brake : Disc brake operated by Solenoid valve
Bobbin loading / unloading: By adjustable Ramp

Compact Coiler
Coil dimensions (Maximum): Outer dia : 1000 mm, Coil width : 800 mm , Inner dia: 400 mm . Weight of coil : 1000 Kg Max

Maximum winding speed: 600 meters/min. Variable speed by potentiometer.
Head stock: Head stock shaft is assembled on a sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings.
Tail stock: Tail stock is mounted on a sturdy housing with heavy duty bearings. The tail stock movement by Hydraulic cylinder.
Bobbin is collapsed by operating the tailstock. The collapsible bobbin Flange will be integral with the driving shaft. The tail stock flange will be mounted on a sliding housing operated by hydraulic cylinder.
The coil will be unloaded from the machine suitably strapped tightly through the slots provided on the flange. unloading of the coil, pushing the coil out of the machine and tailstock movement are all hydraulically operated with PLC controls. Suitable power pack provided.
Brake: Disc brake
Drive: AC motor of suitable power with Variable frequency drive
Traverse Assembly: By Rollring Traverse.