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Traverse Units

Application Areas

1. Wire and Cable Industries
Traverse units are used extensively for winding materials of any shape and size. From hair thin fiber optic wires to heavy gauge cables, wires, strands . Nylon / Steel Ropes, Hoses /Pipes/ Tubes, Chain, Rectangular conductors, Strips, Paper insulated / Glass insulated conductor, Flats, Filaments, Ribbon, Tapes, Foils, Strips, PP straps, Rubber coated Nylon cord etc.
Extensively Used in Spooler / Take up stand of Wire drawing, Stranding, Armoring, Braiding, Extruder and other Wire Processing Machines and Rewinding machine etc.
2. Textile Industries. Winding of yarn, filaments, ribbon, tape, lace
3. Plastic Industries. P.P strap winding, winding of ferrules and cords, tubes, hoses and pipes
4. Transformer Industries. For Layer Winding Of Round & Rectangular Conductor
5. Automobile Industries. Coating, Spraying and painting
6. Rubber Industries. For Stock Blender, Rubber Mixing Etc
7. Glass / Mirror Industries. Coating, Spraying and Painting
8. Sequential Feed / Positioning Drives.
9. Paper / Cardboard Industries: Coating Measuring / Testing and Spraying.
10. Surface Treatment. For Spraying /Metalizing
12. Linear Drives for any application and control systems.
13. Material Handling And Packaging.
14. Tyre Manufacture.
15) Measuring and Testing.