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Established in 1988, we are equipped with most modern CNC machines, testing facilities and supported by a team of well experienced engineers and technicians we ensure quality at all stages.

As our privileged customer we offer our continuous support, ex stock supply of spares to ensure trouble free performance for years.

Customer base - All over India, Australia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Belgium, Bahrain, Bangladesh, China, Cameroun, Canada, Chech Republic, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Indonesia, Ireland, Jordan, Keneya, Malawi, Malaysia, Mozambique, Mexico, Nepal, Oman, Poland, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Spain, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Singapore, Tanzania, Turkey, Thailand, Tunisia, United States of America, United Kingdom, UAE etc.


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Traverse Units

Rollring Traverse units are linear drives, which converts constant speed rotation of a plain round shaft into variable speed, variable stroke, automatic reciprocating motion without changing the direction rotation of shaft. Used in any application where a constant speed rotation of a shaft needs to be converted to automatic reciprocating motion with instantaneous reversal, Infinitely variable linear speed and variable stroke length.

This is a unique method of converting rotary motion into linear reciprocating motion on the principle that contact pressure created between a correctly dimensioned ring and shaft enables significant forces to be transmitted. The linear speed directly related to the angle of contact between the ring and shaft. The Reversal is automatic and instantaneous. Linear speed (Traverse Pitch) is very finely variable by flick of a lever on the dial. Traverse stroke length infinitely variable along the length and is limited only by the shaft length.

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We are specialised in making special purpose machines against customer specifications. We manufacture Spooling Machine, Pay off Stand, Rewinding Line, Dancer assembly, Vertical Take Up, Vertical Take Up for Bi conical bobbins, Take up Stand, Rewinding Line for Cables, Winder for Poly propylene strap, Bobbin Traversing Take up, Bobbin Traversing Take up( Semi Automatic), Rewinding line for Steel Strip, Automatic Layer Winding Machine Rectangular Conductor /Round wire, Semi-Automatic Layer Winding Machine For Rectangular conductor / Round wire, H.V (Cross Over) Winding Machine, Layer winding machine for Rectangular conductor / Disk winding machine for Rectangular conductor, Vertical Coil winding machine machine, Take up stand / winder for UVline, Multi Head Take Up ( Thermalline), Rewinding Line for FRP wire, Rewinding line for coating of FRP wire,Linear drives,Textile winding,winder Machine,filament winding, Traverse assembly with Ball Screw.

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Our Vision

To be the leading manufacturer of traversing systems and winders and in the top 50 machine tool manufacturer in India by 2025 through advanced technology and right practices, contributing to the growth of the manufacturing sector in India.

Our Mission

To enable our associates grow by providing them with superior winding solutions, incorporating the latest technologies in a cost effective and environmentally sustainable manner .

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